Jeff Edmond


Getting It On

An ordinary sex-starved teenager and his friends start secretly video recording high school girls and their activity irks the community, as well as their principal. Received good reviews from Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Co-starring Jeff Edmond.

Out of the Black & Blue

Written and Directed by Jeff Edmond

The Empty Man

Written by Jeff Edmond and Vinny Davis

The Empty Man is a character driven story about two brothers. Michael Strum (Jeff Edmond), a banker and family man, is made executor of his mother's will. He is in charge of giving his younger brother David (Vinnie Davis), an attempted suicide survivor and alcoholic, one thousand dollars a month from the estate. As David works out his demons to a clueless therapist, Michael keeps his demons below the surface. When Michael loses his job, his calm demeanor slowly gives way to his true self.