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Jeff Edmond's screenplay "The Music Video Murders" tells the tale of a wealthy sociopathic musician who is humiliated on an American Idol-type show and vows to kill off its panel of judges.

The murders themselves become music videos in his mind from the stalking to the murder.

The script has won a number of awards from film and screenplay festivals. Click here for more information.

Jeff Edmond's screenplay "The Animist" is based on Edmond's short story of the same name, first published in The Freakout Zone, his book of scary stories for children and young adults.

"The Animist" was chosen as a finalist in the 13HORROR.COM film and screenplay contest. Click here for more information.

The Empty Man

Written by Jeff Edmond and Vinny Davis

"The Empty Man" is a character driven story about two brothers. Michael Strum (Jeff Edmond), a banker and family man, is made executor of his Mom's will. He is in charge of giving his younger brother David (Vinnie Davis), an attempted suicide survivor and alcoholic, one thousand dollars a month from the estate. As David works out his demons to a clueless therapist, Michael keeps his demons below the surface. When Michael loses his job his calm demeanor slowly gives way to his true self.



Jeff Edmond's screenplay "Chris" was an Official Selection for the horror festival, June 2021.

"Chris" - Official Selection at the Spook Screen Festival , August 2021

The Story of Rose

Jeff Edmond's screenplay "The Story Of Rose" was an Official Selection in the True Story Festival, June 2021.

Internet Series

Written and Directed by Jeff Edmond

View on YouTube: Season 1 Season 2

Won Best Web Series at the Monkey Bread Tree Festival (London England).

Stage Plays / Off-Broadway Musicals

Jeff Edmond, Lyricist

Jeff Edmond served as lyricist and additional book writer on this new musical stage production that ran Off-Broadway and in China.


The Freakout Zone

Update 2021: A new and improved version of this book will be available soon.

Tales from the Crypt. The Outer Limits. The Twilight Zone. Stories of horror, science fiction and mystery have fascinated us for generations. The stories of The Freakout Zone join this time-honored genre, and weave tales that will leave you looking over your shoulder and second-guessing reality.

Dust Bunnies

Twelve-year old Danny loves to play video games. It's all he lives for. His mother is forever demanding that he clean up his room, which is overcome with dust and is always in a state of chaos. When the "dust bunnies" come to life, Danny must bring all his video game fighting skills to bear in order to survive.

The Key Gnome

Melanie loses everything - her keys, her books, her shoes. But when she borrows her Grandmother's heirloom pin and it comes up missing, Melanie is determined to find it - and change her ways. In the process, she meets her match - someone who is just as bad as herself at losing things. Will this match turn out to be friend or foe? Melanie must turn the tables before she loses more than material possessions.

Animal Crackers

Are we really what we think we are? Are we really at the top of the food chain? Twelve-year old Joey Gaines sees everyone in his entire hometown transformed before his eyes, and no one seems to notice or care except him.

Not Responsible

Brian, Samantha and Troy Maxwell are spoiled, rich kids. Their parents want to teach them a lesson in responsibility, so they leave the teenagers to fend for themselves in an unknown environment one weekend. Will the children rise to the occasion and work together to meet their parents' challenge? If they don't, they will be left out of the will and will not inherit their parents' fortune. Or will they find out that money isn't everything, after all?

The Animist

Cheryl's new baby brother Jeremy gets all the attention, and Cheryl is sick and tired of it. She meets a strange old woman who offers her a magic amulet that will help Cheryl enact revenge on this "unwelcome" addition to the family. But Cheryl finds out she is in way over her head. When the magic spells don't turn out the way she planned, she must battle the Animist to save Jeremy.

Now it's time for YOU to enter…The Freakout Zone.

The Freakout Zone, Vol II

Update 2021: A new and improved version of this book will be available soon.

Jeff Edmond is back with another collection of stories from The Freakout Zone. Like the original Freakout Zone (Vol. I), Volume II offers more spooky, thought-provoking tales of science fiction that will send a shiver down your spine. Leave the light on tonight!

Uncle Alice

Thirteen year old Jonathan and his brainy little sister Lynette go to spend a summer with their Uncle Alice, a wealthy, eccentric and reclusive scientist. Lynette is excited by the library and laboratory, while Jonathan is given all the video game entertainment he could want. But they soon find out their uncle is into some pretty weird science.

The Wrong Mother Goose

When Helen's little brother goes missing, she decides to play detective. She suspects a kindly but strange old lady in the neighborhood who keeps chickens and geese, and likes to tell stories to the young kids. Everyone else thinks Helen's crazy, but she refuses to give up and proceeds with her own investigation. Helen races to find her brother in time to save him from whatever the kidnapper has in store. But she risks becoming trapped herself.

The Lights

Twelve year old Evan knows what it's like to feel powerless. His father gambles the family money away; his sister sells drugs. He wants them to stop but they won't listen. Evan escapes to his dreams, where power comes easily and Evan is in control. It's when the world of dreams bleeds into the world of reality that trouble begins.

Talent Scouts

All fourteen year old Sam wants is to be the first female pitcher on a major league baseball team. The talent scouts are already eyeing her, including one from a university no one has ever heard of. When Sam and her teammates read an internet posting about aliens from outer space living in their hometown, baseball takes a back seat for the summer as they attempt to find out the truth.

Way of Life

A poor kid living in the projects. A famous, wealthy rap star. Different lives, both good and bad. Which would you rather be? Be careful what you wish for.

Now it's time for you, once again, to enter...The Freakout Zone.


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