Jeff Edmond


Early Life

Jeff Edmond was born and raised in the Pelham Parkway area of New York City's borough of the Bronx. He attended Lehman College, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Education

At the age of five he watched the movies of Fred Astaire with his Mom. He bugged his parents for two years to take him for tap dance lessons. Finally his dad, an ex-marine, allowed him to study dance. At the Jules Faber Dance Studio in the Bronx, he excelled in tap. It was there that he met his manager, who sent him on commercial and movie auditions.


Jeff's first professional forays into the entertainment industry were in acting. Jeff was cast in his first commercial at the age of nine. As a child and teenager, Jeff was cast in dozens of commercials.

Jeff held a lead role in the P.B.S. series "Watch Your Language."

He was nominated for a Clio Award as Best Actor for his fictional portrayal of a drug-addicted teen in a Phoenix House commercial.

He starred in the indie film "The Empty Man" and the 2017-2018 web series "Out of The Black and Blue." He co-starred in the 1983 teen comedy "Getting It On."


At the age of eighteen, Jeff Edmond started choreographing for community theatre productions. He went on to choreograph and produce shows for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Waldorf Astoria and the New York Plaza Hotel. He performed his signature tap solo "Tappin To Mozart" at Lincoln Center for National Tap Dance Day.

Jeff has choreographed hundreds of shows over the years for both children and adults. See Jeff's Choreography page.


Jeff has directed numerous dance performances, music videos, a small film, and a web series. See his Directing page and Choreography page for more information.


Jeff is a published writer. His books "The Freakout Zone" and "The Freakout Zone Vol 2" are available on

He has also been a contributing writer for HorrorGeddon comics.

His screenplays have won numerous awards in screenplay festivals. See his Writing page for more information.


In 1989, Jeff wrote seven comedic songs for an album called Mindbenders. He also performed in and directed the music videos for selected songs from that album. See Jeff's Music page.


Jeff has been teaching adults and children, privately and in group classes, since he himself was a young man. He teaches dance for the internationally known Steps on Broadway -Youth Division in Manhattan since 1994. He has taught at Studio E School of Dance in Queens, and was tap dance director at USDAN Summer Camp for the Arts on Long Island.